Learnings from Faisal Farooqui’s TEDx Speech

Faisal Farooqui TEDx talk

A committed and passionate entrepreneur, Faisal Farooqui is the founder and CEO of
Mouthshut.com, India’s largest online review, and rating platform. Faisal is a very well-renowned
personality in the tech industry.

A few tips that he has for people who are passionate about building their own business:

  • If you have a business idea, work towards perfecting that idea.
  • It is okay to start small but you need to have a clear vision and goals set and there on, strive towards achieving those goals.
  • It is important to challenge yourself to think differently, challenge yourself to think smartly.

Faisal is quite often invited by other organizations to share his experience on how he became an
independent entrepreneur. He is always seen guiding aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start
something on their own.

  • Faisal realizes that India is not always a very easy place to start a business. But he emphasizes that “what you got to do you have to do”.
  • He believes that it is very crucial to first give birth to an idea and from there on maximizing the resources available in setting up your own business.

Faisal adds by saying “India is a country full of opportunities. There has never been a better time than
this to be a start-up entrepreneur. No one is there to stop you from understanding what dot com in
your business means”.